Keynote Speakers Details


Prof. Wanxi Peng /Professor

Henan Agricultural University

  • Forest Biomass Resource Utilization
  • Forestry Engineering
  • Wood-based Panel Engineering
  • Wood Products Engineering

Wanxi Peng is the second-level professor of Henan Agricultural University. His main courses include Utilization of wood residues, wood extract resources, utilization of biomass resources, processing and utilization of forest products, etc. He is Academician of  International Academy of Ecology & Life Protection Sciences, one of the young and middle-aged science and technology leading Talents in the Innovation Talents Promotion Plan of Ministry of Science and Technology, the leader of enterprise science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship team in Hunan Province, the member of the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Forestry Biomass Materials, the member of International Association of Wood Anatomists, and deputy secretary-general of Corrosion and Protection Society of Hunan Province. His research fields include forest biomass resource utilization, forestry engineering, wood-based panel engineering, wood products engineering, etc. He has presided over more than 40 scientific research projects or talent engineering projects, among which the representative projects are: National Natural Science Foundation project "Bamboo Cell Wall Self-plasticizing Mechanism and self-binding mechanism", Hunan Province enterprise Science and Technology innovation and entrepreneurship team support program "Forest extract resource", and Hunan Province strategic emerging industry major scientific and technological achievements transformation project "No artificial formaldehyde release of wood-based panel manufacturing key technology research and industrialization", etc. He has published more than 100 papers in high quality journals, 5 published books and 30 patents. He has also won many provincial and ministerial and national awards, such as the second prize of National Technology invention "Key Technologies and Applications of Multistage Resource Utilization of wood fiber Biomass" (2016), the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Ministry of Education "Key Technologies of Multistage Resource Utilization of Agricultural and Forestry Biomass" (2016), and the first prize of China's industry-university-research Cooperation Innovation Achievement "Key Technologies for regulation and control of wood-based panels and Products without artificial formaldehyde Release" (2017), etc.